Need work in 8 hours “Consumer Behavior”.

“Brand equity is clearly important, but the measurement and use of brand equity is weak, making application difficult. Discuss.”

Be clear, relevant and concise – in 1925 words (7 pages) not including references. Please use 12 point font, 1.5 spacing.


A good answer is closely related to the question, factually accurate, connected to the relevant theory and to the implications and applications of the evidence. Key studies and recent work should cited. You must use evidence to support your arguments. Practitioner’s concerns are important in showing the relevance of the question but these are not evidence. Do not be superficial; if the question is wide, cover some part of the answer in reasonable depth and state that you are doing this. It is important to indicate doubts about evidence and theory. Use academic journal papers as well as text book/lecture notes. References should be cited in the text, e.g. Smith (1956), and then fully listed in alphabetic order at the end. You must always give the authorship of work that you use, otherwise it is plagiarism.

Need work in 8 hours “Consumer Behavior”